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“People Understanding People”

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•  Great Books— on Practical Applications of MBTI®/Personality Type, Temperament, Archetypes

(including the PMAI™/Pearson-Marr Archetype Indicator™)

•  Insightful Training Materials— to drive home the Learning.  Serious good fun.

•  Complete Seminar Kits— from Introductory to Advanced Applications. All ready for you to Present.

•  Plus Coaching, Training and Speaking on Type-related subjects

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Type & Temperament, Inc.

Type & Temperament, Inc./Type & Archetype Press

We publish books, training materials, and complete Seminar Kits on ways to improve people’s lives through Type, Temperament, & Archetypes—  practical applications and cutting-edge insights, all designed to be as clear and readable, and fun, as we can make them.

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Personality Type— to the Rescue!

It’s a Tough World These Days… Financial stress causes relationship stress that causes missed communication and real problems: Family breakups, Kids acting out, Lost jobs, Money problems, and the list goes on  in a downward spiral…

Personality Type— to the Rescue!

As a well known, turn of the century industrialist put it,

“I will pay more for the ability to deal with people than for any other ability under the sun.”

He obviously saw a need for understanding personality style and the “natural chemistry between people” which cannot be ignored. There are other people who are not like you, and the more you know about their personality styles (Types), the better equipped your are to communicate effectively… Thus getting at the root of the problem.

What is This Thing Called Psychological Type?

If you don’t know, start here.

We call it “Personality Style.” all people are different, but some are more different than others (from each other). And some have a lot in common. You know that. Type is a way of understanding the patterns of out personal makeup. Jung’s theory saya that apparently random human differences are in fact the logical result of our (probably inborn) preferences on a few observable dimensions, such as how we prefer to focus our energy (Extraversion or Introversion); how we prefer to get our information (with our 5 Senses, or our 6th sense, iNtuition); and how we prefer to make our decisions (objectively, with logic as the criterion (“Thinking”), or subjectively, using our personal values as the criteria (“Feeling”); and whether we more often relate to the world by getting more information—postponing decisions (Perceiving), or by a desire for getting decisions made—cutting off information flow (Judging). The fourth pair was added by Isabel Briggs Myers, who developed the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs type Indicator®), a well-validated pencil questionnaire to help determine people’s preferences on these 4 pairs of parameters).

“Any education can change your life; but learning this much about yourself can empower you to change your own life.”

William D. G. Murray

Type, NOT Hype!

>Essential networking tool

>Powerful in selling—one-on-one or selling groups

>Key to creating advertising & marketing that works

>Crucial for authors trying to write the Great American (or whatever) Novel to understand how their character’s mind works

>Helpful for managers and executives to decide which tasks to do themselves and which to delegate

>Wonderful coffee table, guestroom or even bathroom reading. Easy to get into instantly, read and benefit from even brief exposure

>Attorneys need it to understand selves, staff, clients, judges, opposing counsel, witnesses and others in the case

>Great when traveling, to decide which line to get in, at customs. (Or even at banks and supermarkets)

>Speakers need it to understand both themselves, (their natural style), & their audiences’ to communicate with each Type

>Therapists & counselors need to understand their own type and their clients’ to reduce transference problems and to avoid misunderstanding couples/ families clients interactions that are type-based

Ask Bill Murray

Hi! I’m Bill Murray, Publisher and President of Type & Temperament, Inc. / the Type & Archetype Press. Been using Myers-Briggs/ Jungian Type and Temperament for over 30 years— I was a founding member of the Association for Psychological Type.

We publish books, training materials, and complete Seminar Kits on ways to improve people’s lives through Type, Temperament, & Archetypes—  practical applications and cutting-edge insights, all designed to be as clear and readable, and fun, as we can make them.

To answer any type  related questions you may contact me directly…


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4 Key Reasons Why Type Is Important

1. Type will provide practical tools to increase your effectiveness and power in all your interpersonal relations.

2. Its applications go wide and deep, from how you understand yourself, your family and work organization, to your personal style in religion, the kinds of books you like to read (if any), what vacations you prefer.

It’s a framework on which you can hang just about everything, and understand it better.

The possibilities are endless.

3. There are over 6000 psychological instruments, many aimed at pathology, some worse than the symptoms. Type is a well-person concept, based on observable normal behavior. Developed over 40 years, used, tested, validated. It’s a logical, objective system that practitioners use every day in government & industry, religious & educational institutions, counseling, career placement, the military.

4. “There seems to be some sort of  miraculous component to this concept,” to quote a minister who uses it regularly. “It changes lives. It changed mine. Maybe yours.”