4 Key Reasons Why Type Is Important

1. Type will provide practical tools to increase your effectiveness and power in all your interpersonal relations.

2. Its applications go wide and deep, from how you understand yourself, your family and work organization, to your personal style in religion, the kinds of books you like to read (if any), what vacations you prefer.

It’s a framework on which you can hang just about everything, and understand it better.

The possibilities are endless.

3. There are over 6000 psychological instruments, many aimed at pathology, some worse than the symptoms. Type is a well-person concept, based on observable normal behavior. Developed over 40 years, used, tested, validated. It’s a logical, objective system that practitioners use every day in government & industry, religious & educational institutions, counseling, career placement, the military.

4. “There seems to be some sort of  miraculous component to this concept,” to quote a minister who uses it regularly. “It changes lives. It changed mine. Maybe yours.”

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