Type, NOT Hype!

>Essential networking tool

>Powerful in selling—one-on-one or selling groups

>Key to creating advertising & marketing that works

>Crucial for authors trying to write the Great American (or whatever) Novel to understand how their character’s mind works

>Helpful for managers and executives to decide which tasks to do themselves and which to delegate

>Wonderful coffee table, guestroom or even bathroom reading. Easy to get into instantly, read and benefit from even brief exposure

>Attorneys need it to understand selves, staff, clients, judges, opposing counsel, witnesses and others in the case

>Great when traveling, to decide which line to get in, at customs. (Or even at banks and supermarkets)

>Speakers need it to understand both themselves, (their natural style), & their audiences’ to communicate with each Type

>Therapists & counselors need to understand their own type and their clients’ to reduce transference problems and to avoid misunderstanding couples/ families clients interactions that are type-based

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