What is This Thing Called Psychological Type?

If you don’t know, start here.

We call it “Personality Style.” all people are different, but some are more different than others (from each other). And some have a lot in common. You know that. Type is a way of understanding the patterns of out personal makeup. Jung’s theory saya that apparently random human differences are in fact the logical result of our (probably inborn) preferences on a few observable dimensions, such as how we prefer to focus our energy (Extraversion or Introversion); how we prefer to get our information (with our 5 Senses, or our 6th sense, iNtuition); and how we prefer to make our decisions (objectively, with logic as the criterion (“Thinking”), or subjectively, using our personal values as the criteria (“Feeling”); and whether we more often relate to the world by getting more information—postponing decisions (Perceiving), or by a desire for getting decisions made—cutting off information flow (Judging). The fourth pair was added by Isabel Briggs Myers, who developed the MBTI® (Myers-Briggs type Indicator®), a well-validated pencil questionnaire to help determine people’s preferences on these 4 pairs of parameters).

“Any education can change your life; but learning this much about yourself can empower you to change your own life.”

William D. G. Murray

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